Best Athleisure Shoes for Warmer Months by SAS Shoes


Most people like to set fitness-focused resolutions starting January. But those goals tend to be pushed back due to freezing temperatures and dark and gloomy days. And it’s not just fitness-oriented goals that get set aside, people naturally embrace being home bodies in the winter months as opposed to going out and being active. One study found that physical activity increases by 1.4 MET-hours per day in men and 1.0 MET-hours per day in women during the summer.

Women’s SAS Tour Mesh Athleisure shoe. With the temperature getting warmer and an increase in daylight time, it’s no wonder people feel more inclined to get out and get stuff done. Warmer weather and longer days make outdoor activities more enjoyable and safer. From riding a bike to going out with the kids and even getting involved in a park, beach, or lake cleanup, SAS Shoes has the best athleisure footwear for busy-bees this summer!

The women’s Tour Mesh and men’s Journey are stylish and comfortable active shoes ideal for individuals that are constantly on-the-go or simply looking to increase their summer activity in style and comfort. The Tour Mesh’s and Journey’s comfort technology includes:

1. Leather and Mesh Upper
Combination of genuine leather and breathable mesh.

2. Cushioned Knit Upper Lining
Lined with knit fabric, this padded lining offers breathability and soft to the touch comfort.

3. EZ Lace System
This unique system makes it easy to slide the laces through D-shaped rings. Slipping on and off is a breeze with this system.

4. CoolSTEP™ Footbed
Removable anti-microbial footbed keeps the foot cool and dry while providing a dual density PU foam to cushion and support your heel while giving your foot all over comfort and breathability. Can be cleaned with SAS Footbed Cleaner Kit.

5. TRIPAD® Technology
Comfort system that provides shockabsorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.

6. SteadyTrac Midsole
Lightweight, shock-absorbing, and flexible SAS SteadyTrac Midsole offers a forepart stabilizer for added lateral stability.

7. Comfort Outsole
This is a multilayered, flexible, and durable sole which provides consistent grip and comfort in a non-marking compound designed to cushion your foot all day long.

These active shoes are the perfect fit for people on the go who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. Both the Journey and Tour Mesh are available in different sizes, widths, and stylish colors to match your unique style.

To view all our women’s active footwear, click here. For men’s active footwear, click here.

SAS, Proud to be Made in America!

This summer you may see a lot of red, white, and blue in SAS stores as we celebrate our American heritage and the fact that we’ve kept manufacturing here in America for over 40 years. You also will see “Made in the USA” on some of our products, but not on others. So what does that mean? Here are some facts about where we make our products and why.

– SAS owns and operates two factories in Texas, our original factory in San Antonio, which was established in 1976, and a factory in Del Rio that opened its doors in 1985.

-SAS owns and operates a sister plant in Acuna, Mexico where employees perform select operations such as hand sewing and stitching on a number of styles. We do not outsource our production.

-SAS set out to make more dressy and stylish options. That’s when we started working with a family-owned company in Italy to create a selection of our dress shoes. We now make some of those styles in America, that’s why you will see some that are labeled “Made in U.S.A.” and some “Made in Italy.”

-SAS takes great strides to source our materials from American vendors, which isn’t always easy. When we can’t find what we need, we source limited materials outside the U.S.

Travel Hack- the Best Shoes to Pack for Your Trip

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There’s an art to packing for a trip. The threat of not having the right outfit to wear for an excursion causes many to burden themselves with overstuffed bags. Yet over-simplifying can leave you panicked when invited to an unexpected event. Packing shoes can be even harder, as they take up so much room. Here’s a few tips to help you pick just the right pairs of shoes so you’re ready for anything.

sas travel pack 2

The Business Trip

It can be fun to visit new places on the company dollar; but let’s be honest, most of your time is spent in meeting rooms for seminars and presentations. When social hour comes around there’s not often time to change attire. So loosen your scarf or tie and pick a shoe with comfort built in to last you from the boardroom to cocktail hour.

For the ladies, check out Sonyo. It has plush cushioning and a classically trendy heel. If a flatter fit is more your taste, consider a style like Bliss, a sleek slip-on with a stretch fabric top that will flex with each step.

For guys, pick the Diplomat. Contemporary and professional, this slip-on style has tons of support and a comfortable cushioned footbed. They look great with slacks, but can easily transition to a business casual look with jeans and a blazer.

Warm Escapes

Ah, that getaway to a tropical destination can be the oasis needed to refresh. It’s tempting to pack cheap flip-flops, however they aren’t always the best option.

Ladies, grab a sandal that is stylish but also supportive so you aren’t aching during your strolls down the boardwalk. Pampa is a hot style for summer. Trendy color options brighten up any outfit.

For a style that can go from a daytime shopping spree to a nighttime luau, try a wedge like Heather. The elegant straps can elevate any outfit so you’re never left feeling under dressed.

Guys, you’ll want that comfortable shoe to keep you moving from sights to stores. Weekender, a fan favorite, is a lightweight slip-on with a sleek look that can keep your feet in comfort all day.

Brisk Destinations

Some like to escape the heat and find solace in the snow. For that trip to the mountains, consider a shoe that can keep you warm, comfy and support your step.

If you want a cozy slip-on, we suggest a loafer like Sunny. These slip-ons have the comfort of a tennis shoe, yet can fold up easily and take up very little packing space.

Men, try a good walking shoe like Move On. With S-Motion Technology built in, this style supports your natural stride, making it easy to take in the sights and trek on.

SAS Shoes – History and Heritage

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The Story of San Antonio Shoemakers


The story of the San Antonio Shoemakers™(SAS) family begins with its founders, Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden. The two first met in Pittsfield, Maine, but their passion for making quality footwear led them to San Antonio, Texas. After working for a local shoe company, Terry and Lew struck out on their own.

Terry and Lew had a vision of how genuine leather shoes should be made. With determination, and the support of their families, the two pooled their resources to start their first factory in a corner of an unused aircraft hangar on the South Side of San Antonio. In 1976, San Antonio Shoemakers was born.

Growth on the Horizon

They started small, with just 13 shoemakers and no marketing beyond word of mouth. The SAS reputation grew and became a name people could trust for comfortable, quality footwear. In 1985, SAS opened a factory in Del Rio, Texas, keeping their business in Texas while allowing for expansion.

Now, SAS’s line features everything from walking and athletic shoes to pumps, flats, sandals, and even a new boot for women. The men’s line has expanded to include walking and athletic wear to dress shoes like the Ambassador and Diplomat to a new casual shoe, the Move On, featuring S Motion Technology™.

Carried in 200+ SAS stores and in retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Chile, Israel and England —the San Antonio Shoemakers brand is a humble American success story, and continues to be a family-owned enterprise driven by an obsession with fit and quality.

Dedication to Quality

Today, we continue to handcraft our shoes from only the softest, highest quality leather. Just one pair of shoes may go through up to 100 different steps. There are 14 primary operations that take place in our factories like leather selection, die-making, cutting, lasting and more. Within those operations, approximately 80 different skilled pairs of hands are carefully constructing and inspecting each shoe to make sure the SAS shoes you choose are the best made pair of footwear in your closet.

At SAS, our priorities have always been the comfort and quality of our shoes. As our company has grown over the years, so have the tastes of our customers. When we decided to create our first pump, we found a small multi-generational family-owned company with a heritage and love of crafting fine leather shoes similar to SAS. Working hand in hand, we believe we developed a unique approach that embraces the best of Italian design and SAS comfort. Within our line of dress shoes, any particular style or color may be manufactured in the U.S., or Italy, or both locations.

Keeping the Dream Alive

SAS remains a family-owned company, and that family extends itself to every SAS employee. From our skilled shoemakers to our CEO, every employee of SAS works together to create the most comfortable shoes in the world. At SAS, we hold our product to only the highest standards and respect the workers who make that product possible. San Antonio Shoemakers has built the company around appreciating and respecting our workers.

The strength of that relationship is what allows us to hold our product to such high standards. Every employee at SAS takes personal pride in creating the most comfortable shoes in the world. This is why many of our team have been with SAS for upwards of 10, 20, even 30 years. In fact, 42% of SAS’s workforce has been on the job for over fifteen years. It’s this dedication that allows us to have such a high standard of service for our customers. Our customer’s comfort comes first, and together we make that comfort possible.

Like Father, Like Son

Father’s Day is a great time to explore the role of fashion in father–son relationships. It is often timeless yet modern looks that bring the generations together, as well as the courage to experiment. Together with our guest author and style expert Dominik H. Müller, we are taking a look at the fashion parallels between fathers and sons and offering a few styling tips for men of all ages.

One of the most important people in a man’s life is his father. He is a role model, adviser and sometimes a rival. Ideally (and usually when the son reaches adulthood), he is also a friend. Fathers undoubtedly influence their sons’ sense of style to varying degrees, whether consciously or subconsciously. Fashion can be a shared interest in father–son relationships, provided that they also share similar tastes.

„My dad is not just a dad, but also a good friend. Just as I can talk openly with him about other things in my life, he is open-minded when it comes to fashion sense,” says Müller, describing the relationship with his father and their shared interest in fashion.

Mature consumers have changed over the years. They now take a greater interest in fashion, and the clothes chosen by style-conscious men of 60 or thereabouts are not necessarily any different to those of younger generations. At the same time, many young men value a classic style that is both contemporary and ageless. As a result, many items work well at any age: understated sandals, clean-cut sneakers, plain Bermuda shorts, casual shirts, checked patterns … In fact, there is a long list of things that both father and son can wear.

What’s more, men of different generations are exposed to the same trends, as they come and go – and come back again in modified form. This makes it possible for both fathers and sons to fall in love with similar clothes and pair them with a stylish classic, such as boat shoes. Fashion sense is also becoming more daring, with young and “old” alike opting for flamboyant colors and combinations.

“My dad often wears color-coordinated outfits, such as socks or shoes that match the color of his shirt.”

That explains fashionista Müller, revealing one of his dad’s key fashion rules. How about combining the Minot sneaker in blue/brown with red socks, beige chinos and a blue shirt? Looks good! Bright socks also work well with sandals.

“Be bold and daring when it comes to styling!”

The young style expert advises all men to “be bold and daring when it comes to styling!” Knee-length socks – like the ones your granddad used to wear – are all the rage in 2017 and can be teamed with shorts and a shirt, or a polo shirt and sandals, by men of all ages. Müller loves to create the look with a brightly colored Arizona. The two-strap sandal forms a color contrast with the knee-length socks, but harmonizes with the outfit as a whole.



The Finer Points

Thanks to the rise of athleisure, comfort is now cool, according to Angelo Romero, executive vice president of Earth Brands. And if the company’s 2016 sales are any proof, he would be correct. “We had to revise forecasts numerous times to attend to a much higher-than-planned demand for the Intrepid open-toe shoetie silhouette,” Romero cites as one example.

Director of Marketing Katie Dobbs adds that Earth’s health-and-wellness heritage is playing to the brand’s advantage with today’s overriding health-conscious culture. “We began as a wellness shoe company over 40 years ago when the original Kalso Earth Shoe was created by Anne Kalso, a Danish yoga instructor,” she says. “To this day, we pride ourselves on developing shoes for women that remain true to her founding beliefs that comfort and whole-body wellness begin from the ground-up.” Dobbs adds that for Spring ’17, marketing efforts aim to refocus on telling Kalso’s story and how she continues to inspire the brand.

Specifically, the spring collection draws on active-fashion inspiration with an expanded variety of materials and colors. “Comfort is made cool by combining athletic technology with classic silhouettes,” Romero offers. “The Earth/Earthies collection for Spring ’17 [pays] special attention to leather finishes and manual burnishing that highlight the artisan approach we bring to product manufacturing.” He cites such tech- and fashion-forward aspects as laser cutting, reptile print and metallic finishes as well as floral prints “borrowed from high-end fashion houses.” What’s more, Romero says, a broad retail price range ($90 for sandals up to $180 for summer boots) offers a little something for everyone.

But for an authentic comfort brand, looking good is not necessarily as important as feeling good. Earth tapped consumers for feedback, who said that while other comfort brands provide some anatomical support, footbeds are typically too hard or not supportive enough to allow an optimal degree of softness. For example, Romero notes that while there are offerings in the market featuring memory foam insoles, those don’t offer much actual support. In contrast, he cites Earth’s new multi-density footbeds, designed to combine anatomical structure with different densities. “With the multi-density footbeds, we have been able to provide the consumer with a more complete, balanced support and comfort experience,” Romero explains.

Buyers at the recent round of trade shows (bookings were at an all-time high) gave their vote of confidence, reports Romero. “We are having considerable growth in a very competitive environment,” he says, describing the comfort category as crowded. “But I’m not surprised by that,” he adds. “Recently I was in Italy attending the Micam show, and it was obvious that the focus on comfort was prevalent in women’s footwear.”

So how does Earth set itself apart from the sea of comfort brands? “The key factor is while staying true to our comfort roots, to push the design boundaries of what people perceive as comfort shoes,” Romero says. He adds that part of the category’s over-crowding is due to a favorable exchange rate causing European brands to push into the U.S. market. It means brands have to be even more on top of their game to present a meaningful difference. “We differentiate ourselves by working very closely with key retailers in different distribution channels and identifying ways in which we can partner to attend market opportunities,” Romero says, noting that Earth is able to get cutting-edge ideas into fruition faster than its competitors. “Our advantage over other brands is that we are nimble. Our development/sourcing center in Asia materializes concepts and turns ideas into actual product very quickly.”


Step into Support
Orthaheel orthotic technology was developed by renowned Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. With over 30 years of research and development behind this technology, Vionic men’s and women’s sandals, slippers, active shoes and casual flats promote natural alignment from the ground up.
Our biomechanical footbed supports you from the ground up.


Plantar fasciitis is a dull to severe pain in your heel caused by a strain and inflammation of your plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a scientific name for “foot tissue.” This particular tissue is a ligament attached at one side to the heel bone. At the other side, the tissue fans out to attach at the base of each of your five toes. Plantar fasciitis is the name for the condition that develops when that tissue becomes inflamed. When the plantar fascia is excessively stretched, micro-tears can occur, causing this swelling and subsequent pain.


Plantar fasciitis can develop when your feet roll in too far as you take each step. This rolling in, known as over-pronation, can happen for many reasons. It can be due to excessive weight gain, pregnancy, quickly increasing physical activity, tight calf muscles, poor biomechanics or merely wearing unsupportive, flat footwear. When your feet over-pronate, your arches can collapse, putting strain on the tissues in the bottom of your foot.


A sharp pain in the center of your heel will most likely be one of the biggest symptoms of plantar fasciitis. A classic sign of plantar fasciitis is when the pain is worst during the first steps you take in the morning.



Five healthy tips for preventing or reducing plantar fasciitis


Wearing orthopedic shoes or orthotic inserts is an easy, effective method of naturally realigning the foot. A groundbreaking study shows Vionic sandals effectively alleviate heel pain.* Worn consistently throughout the day, orthotic support is a great first step in the short-term treatment of plantar fasciitis.


Keeping your calf muscles limber helps to reduce the strain on the plantar fascia. To stretch your calves and Achilles tendon, stand on the edge of a step, resting your weight on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees for 25 seconds and then straighten. Perform up to five repetitions whenever tightening occurs.


While seated and barefoot, squeeze your foot as if you have a small marble under the ball of your foot. If you just happen to have a few marbles handy, you can actually practice picking them up between your toes and ball of your foot – and then set them down again. This stretches and helps strengthen the muscles that run under metatarsals (the longest bones in the foot which create its arched shape).


If you’re a runner, a tried and true method of preventing over-use injuries is to only increase your mileage by 10% weekly, max. If you’re new to a walking program, the same caution should be exercised.


After mild stretching, use a frozen water bottle to roll under the arch of your foot for 10-20 minutes. It may be possible to make an active recovery by wearing Orthaheel Technology to keep your feet naturally aligned, therefore reducing strain on the plantar fascia, while moving throughout your day.


Summer Style with SAS


It’s summer time! You may be heading to the coast to splash away the stress of the ordinary. One thing that is definitely out of the ordinary is the extreme comfort of an SAS shoe.


Take a look at some of the great sandals we have that have all the style, yet also the feeling of comfort that only SAS hand-craftsmanship can bring. Every step is like walking on pillows! You can handle all the sightseeing and shopping your heart desires without the pain that an ordinary shoe brings.

So why not toss those ordinary flip-flops that have no support and put some spring in your step with SAS!

By Mandy Mullen

Travel in Comfort and Style

sas travel

You may be tying up those last few details for your summer vacation and making your packing lists too. Maybe you plan to go somewhere exotic where sun and sand take you far away from your cold desk at work. Or maybe you want to find yourself lost in history- overseas, or across the country. Regardless, one thing you definitely need is a comfy pair of shoes, like our Duo sandals. This classic sandal has supported many feet on trips all over the globe.